The Best Themes For Your Next Trip

The Best Themes For Your Next Trip

The best travel decision I once made is to simply pack my travel bags and go on a random adventure. While there are plenty of destinations where you can turn up and just see what they have to offer, there are also other approaches you can take, such as building your trips around a theme. What’s this exactly? Essentially it’s visiting a corner of the globe with a particular objective in mind. The theme provides the anchor for your trip — while you might branch out and explore other highlights, by and large, it’ll be all about the theme.

Here I would like to highlight some interesting travel themes for you to ponder.

1 – Sporting Events

What’s better than seeing a global sporting event live in action? Not much, in my book! Massive events such as the World Cup, Super Bowl, Olympics, or the later rounds of the UEFA Champions League are spectacles that everyone must experience once in their life. Of course, the type of sporting event you choose will depend on the sports that you like, but most people find they have a great time at the world’s largest sporting events even if they have no prior interest in the sport.

I centered our family trip to England in 2018 based on me catching a Premier League football match live. I am a Manchester City fan for almost two decades and the highlight of our week-long stay in the U.K. is to watch my favorite team in action at the Etihad Stadium. We spent the weekend in Manchester visiting museums, snapping street arts and eating (a family pastime) but the main event for me was to see Manchester City smash rivals Swansea 5-0 and seeing fans invade the pitch celebrating our title win!

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2 – Walking Through History

Most people explore all that the modern world has to offer when they’re traveling, but you can also switch gears and see how life used to be in the olden days, too. There are some destinations that are teeming with history at every corner. Athens, for example, is one such city — you can walk through areas that were the center of life thousands of years ago. They’re remarkably intact. Not that you have to go that far back — even exploring cities and towns from the 1600’s – 1900’s can be fascinating.

One particular city rich with history is Boston, the epicenter of the American Revolution. Most of the historical landmarks during this era is encapsulated in the Freedom Trail, a free walking guide that takes you across the city, from the pristine gardens of Boston Common to the quiet neighborhood of Charlestown. The trail takes visitors to 17 historical landmarks such as Massachusetts State House, Fanueil Hall Marketplace and Bunker Hill Monument.

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3 – Following The Taste

One of the best things about living in the modern world is that we’re able to explore the world right from our own kitchen. We can all cook up those delicious meals wherever we are; easy! However, it’s just not the same as taking a trip and experiencing a perfect meal first-hand. If you’re visiting the United States, then you’ll have delicious meals at every turn, including at Union Center Cincinnati restaurants. If you’re visiting Italy, you’ll get to enjoy the leisurely, hours-long lunches they enjoy. In India, you can taste the spiciest meals you’ll ever eat. You’ll return home inspired to improve your cooking, and with plenty of happy memories too!

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4 – Revisiting Past Adventures

Finally, why not look at revisiting the places that you’ve been in the past? Most people are always looking forward when it comes to their travel adventures, but there’s value in looking back, too. If you visited a place ten years ago, then it’s likely that there are new things to discover. But if there’s not, then you can just enjoy reliving all the old memories of your previous trip — as well as creating new ones, too. If you take this approach, the theme will be something you know well: you! 

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  • I can relate to no. 2 and 3 as those two things are among the biggest reasons for me to decide which place I want to go next. However, I am curious about no. 1 and been thinking of how it would feel if I visit a city when it is hosting the Olympics — I’m a sucker for anything related to these particular multisport events.

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