What Will Travel Look Like Five Years From Now?

What Will Travel Look Like Five Years From Now?

The travel industry is expected to change dramatically over the next few years. Here are some of the key differences that consumers should expect.

Increase In Cost

Will the cost of traveling increase over the next few years?

It’s certainly looking more likely and part of the reason for this is undoubtedly COVID-19. The pandemic has led to more demand for travel after consumers have essentially been freed from restrictions. However, travel companies are also anxious to regain the profits that were lost during the heat of the pandemic.

Coupled together, this was always going to lead to an increase in prices. The question that’s difficult to answer right now is how much prices are going to rise. However, experts are already predicting that the costs could make it impossible for some people to travel. Or at least, travel as much as they used to.

Faster Ways To Fly

A little further down we’ll discuss how people’s views are changing in terms of travel and sustainability. However, even as there is more pressure from society for the travel industry to go green, technology is continuing to evolve leading to the possibility of faster travel.

Industry leaders such as Elon Musk are keen to ensure that rapid travel solutions do become a reality in the next few years. One of the main examples given here includes cutting the time it takes to travel from London to New York in half. This would be possible with new rocket engines but it’s unknown how this would impact the environment.


There’s An App For That

Right now it’s already possible to handle most things related to traveling through your phone and it’s likely that this trend will continue over the next few years. In fact, travelers should expect more apps that make requirements when traveling more efficient.

There will be apps for everything from booking flights to planning activities and it’s even possible that this software will be completely integrated. It’s also likely that different types of tech will be included in these new apps including augmented reality software. Companies are already trying to implement this tech into the travel experience.

Increased Sustainability

Finally, it’s worth noting experts are predicting that there will be an increased focus on sustainability and a sharper dependence on the role of concerned citizens. According to passenger transportation industry reports, consumers are already demanding that transport companies take more responsibility for the emissions that they create.

Part of this will likely lead to companies taking more action but also governments stepping in as well. Research is already suggesting that governments are considering options like ‘free fly days’ to curb the impact that global travel has on the environment. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that the travel industry could potentially change over the next few years. It’s fair to say that consumers are in for some shocks. While there are exciting developments on the horizon, it could ultimately become more difficult to travel as much as we are used to right now. 

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