Six Reasons To Visit Perth

Six Reasons To Visit Perth

Finally, the borders of Western Australia have opened and people are finally allowed to visit once again.

The pandemic really did a number on Australia with the borders shut for almost two years, but now that things are open, you can start getting your passport ready for a visit. Perth is actually a remote town on the west coast of Australia, and yet there are so many things that you can do and see while you visit.

You can start by making sure that you book to pick up a rental car in Perth Airport and then you can make a list of all the galleries, beaches, museums and attractions that you want to see while you’re there. Exploring the city is a must, and you want to gain a good impression of the cultural center of the city, too.

You want to make memories; as many memories as possible, and with that in mind, here are six quickfire reasons to choose Perth for your next trip!

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(1) The Food: Is there any better reason to go anywhere? Food is an amazing reason to head to Perth, especially when you get a chance to visit The Aviary on William Street. There’s also the fantastic Helvetica on Howard’s Lane and every Wednesday, Sabi has a live music event at the Llama Bar. 

(2) The Parks: You might not think about going all the way to Perth for parks, but these aren’t the regular type. You can head to Kings Park and enjoy the Moonlight Cinema on offer, with new and older films shown through the summer. You can enjoy the park itself all year round; the views of the river are simply not to be missed.

(3) The Beaches: Wherever you are in Australia, you will find breathtaking beaches but the clear oceans and white sands of the beaches in Perth are something else. You can bet that you’ll be able to drive along the coast and find plenty of safe, family beaches and even those with tree borders are perfect for picnics!

(4) The Culture: Perth is a culture fest and you will find things related to the native people, the local legends and more. You can learn about the Diamond and Dinosaur display and the exhibitions at the museums, too. You can drive through the city and always find easy parking at a great price, or you can use the free CAT bus to get easy access to the gallery.

(5) The Animals: Perth is well known for its animals at Perth Zoo. There are more than 160 species from around the world, and you can even enjoy the ferry over to Rottnest Island and see the quokkas and the roos!

(6) Just Because! To be honest, we don’t really need to give you six reasons. There are plenty of things that we could say about Perth but we don’t have endless pages to do it.

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3 thoughts on “Six Reasons To Visit Perth”

  • Because of my memorable first trip to Australia (to Sydney and Melbourne), which I really loved, now I’m intrigued by other cities in the country. And given Perth’s location, I’ve been tempted to go see it the next time I fly down under. I believe you when you mentioned the parks among the highlights of any visit to Western Australia’s capital.

  • Perth has been on my bucket list for some time. I visit friends and family in Sydney once every two years or so, and now there are direct flights from London to Perth. Your post certainly makes a visit sound enticing.

    • What do you think about going on a direct flight London – Perth? I know it’s a one-and-done affair but I’m not sure getting cooped up in a metal box for 20-odd hours is fun!

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