DIY French-Inspired Breakfasts You’ll Want To Eat Anywhere

DIY French-Inspired Breakfasts You’ll Want To Eat Anywhere

If you have the time and resources heading to France to sample their culinary delights is a must. But don’t panic if you don’t because there are still some french-inspired dishes that you can make yourself while embracing that Gallic charm.

Read on to find out what they are.

1 – Croque Madame

You may well have heard of a Croque monsieur before. It’s a popular french breakfast dish involving a hot cheese and ham sandwich on white bread. Usually, gruyere cheese is used, and the bread is dipped in eggs before cooking. 

However, a Croque Madame does different a little from the monsieur. Yes, it still contains the cheese and ham, and egg. But the slices of bread are dipped in egg. Instead a fried or poached egg is served on top, something that means you can let the running yoke drip all over the delicious sandwich and make it extra tasty! Yum!  

2 – French Toast

Thick and creamy, pillowing sift french toast is most definitely one of the more delicious options when it comes to breakfast that you’ll want to have a go at making. The good news is it’s actually much easier to get good results than you may think.

Photo by ZI’s Food&NatureArt from Pexels

Indeed, with this quick and easy french toast, you can get amazing results every time, and impress your family and friends with a truly remarkable lunch. Just remember that the secret is to use thick soft bread for the toast, like brioche or challah, as this will best soak up all the yummy cream and eggs, and give you that light and fluffy texture that is so divine! 

3 – French Pastries

Who doesn’t love French pastries? There are so many to choose from as well from the basic, but delicious croissant, made in a browned crescent shape with endless layers of butter and pastry to the ever-popular pain au chocolat! Indeed, the pain au chocolat aux amandes that I enjoyed in Luang Prabang was truly one of the best I’ve ever had. But that was probably because of the addition of almond paste and flaked almonds on the top that made me feel like I was in France instantly.

Of course, you can have a go at making your own French pastries too. Check out the video above. Although, do remember to be patient because they often include many steps and quite a bit of time. 

4 – French Donuts – Beignets and Crullers

Also, in the vein of French pastries are the deep-fried and delicious french style donuts that are on offer. The first of these that you will want to consider is the beignet. 

A beignet is like a mini donut topped with icing sugar, although the recipe does use more yeast which makes them fluffier on the inside. They make a great french style inspired breakfast when eaten hot. Just be sure to avoid a coughing fit when you consume your beignets by breathing before you bring it to your mouth for that first scrumptious bite. 

A cruller is a circular donut often dipped in sweet icing. It differs from the standard type of donut because it’s made from pâte à choux et choux pastry. This means it’s cooked twice, once on the hob, and then deep-fried to create the crispy outside. The great thing about this process is that it means you get a brown and crisp outside, but a softer middle which is a truly divine texture and an even more divine way to start off your day. 

Serve crullers or beignets with fresh fruit like strawberries and if you are feeling particularly decadent a warm chocolate dip. 

5 – French Omelette

Lastly, a French omelet is a great choice for a simple, but delicious breakfast. French omelets differ from other types because they contain few fillings, and the eggs remain soft in the middle. French omelets tend to only be cooked in butter as well, not oil. 

Additionally, the technique you use when making a french omelet is very important. Remberto begins by shaking the salt and eggs together. Then heat the butter in a pan and add the eggs. Once the eggs are in the pan the idea is to keep them moving the whole time, until it’s just set enough not to be liquid but are not fully hard all the way through. The idea then is to reduce the heat, roll the omelet and serve with the seam side down and a light side salad for the perfect Gallic feel.

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